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It happened again. A teacher was crying in the night for the plight of her students. Teachers are filled with a type of guilt that simply can never be assuaged by political answers. Teachers can not fill the chasm left behind by families fractured by drugs, violence, and the resulting poverty. As a nation, We Must Rise with the occasion to save the future of our nation. Or, do we even care?  True, I did invoke Abraham Lincoln’s words. These specific words were provided to Congress in 1862. But, I stand in good company. President Obama also invoked these words in his 2016 State of the Union Speech. What IF our US Education Department was required to provide a truthful annual speech to the nation about the state of education? Would Americans become shocked to learn the realities of public education? Would they even listen? We Must Rise. Parents who can afford to provide a private education already do so. White flight became privileged flight or purchasing power flight. It is easier to …

Let go!

Week 3

We are already 3 weeks into the new school year. Time does fly!  As we ease into new routines, new students,  new platforms, and new administrators, we must let go of last year. Last year is in the past and the present is a gift. If we hold on to old expectations, we may easily miss the glorious possibility of the future.

Each year, I am amazed by the relationships and realities created by new classes of students and new groups of teachers. The dynamic can change with the addition or change of one person. You know, how when THAT one student is absent the whole class behaves differently? A new year is even better than that. We all get a fresh start. Teachers included! If you ended the year as a cranky teacher, you can begin the year fresh! This is one of the many joys of teaching!

Embrace the future is one of our school mottos. Let us endeavor to embrace our current reality and step forward into our glorious possibilities.

Suzanne M. Rogers, M.Ed.

District Direct…

“Where words fail, music speaks"

As a teacher leader, it is important to model balance. (Crazy, right?) No, it is actually essential to the health and well-being of our teachers. Simply stated, stress kills. Work-related stressors and the illnesses they cause are more deadly than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or influenza according to a working paper from Harvard and Stanford Business Schools. Could the answer be as simple as music? Hans Christian Anderson wrote, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Tweet: “Dr. KeithHerman & Dr. Wendy Reinke, both professors in the MU College of Education, and doctoral student Jal’et Hickmon-Rosa found that 93 % of elementary school teachers report that they are experiencing a high stress level.” In the article “Lots of teachers are super stressed out” Dr. Herman is quoted as saying, “We as a society need to consider methods that create nurturing school environments not just for students, but for the adults who work there.” Dr. Herman goes on to suggest that “this could mean finding ways f…

Summer Professional Development

How many days of scheduled PD are on your calendar this summer? I’m currently at 12 days which doesn’t include professional reading (Everyday Instructional Coaching by @DrLangraad) or our annual back to school week. Yes, this is all on my vacation time. This year, our district added a voluntary week before the week of scheduled PD on campus. Perhaps teachers should share their summer plans for professional development and the cost they are personally absorbing so that non-educators could begin to glean what educators do with their summer free time. Can you believe that our schools are under 80 days from beginning another school year? My plan (still working on it) is shared simply to help me be accountable. Teach Arkansas Lecture Series June 4th TLAG and Microcredential Work and evening lecture i2 …