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This summer, I have dedicated myself to my sleepyogation. I needed to accomplish three goals over the course of the summer including vacation, seven to eight hours of sleep each night and rededicating myself to my yoga practice. Sleepyogation was born!
Educators earn a summer break away from students. Most educators continue to work throughout the summer, just not with classes of students. My two AP classes begin their year with two summer assignments requiring my attention. I spent most of June in professional development. What I didn’t want to do was spend thousands of dollars on a week or two of sand and surf. A week or two at the beach would not necessarily help me accomplish my three goals. A sleepyogation could.
Research shows that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every day. The interesting thing is that any more or any less sleep can actually lead to negative consequences such as elevated risk for disease, obesity, memory loss, and even early death. I needed the summer break to institute a healthy sleep pattern. My silver lab wakes up with the sunrise, so staying up late can prevent me from achieving a healthy sleep pattern. For longevity, I need to tend to my sleep patterns, and my sleepyogation has allowed me to complete the necessary school work, family life, and tend to my personal goals.
Yoga? Yes! The National Institutes of Health review of research indicates that yoga reduces heart rate and blood pressure, reduces pain, improves function, and may help relieve anxiety and depression. Current research on yoga includes diabetes, immune function, and arthritis. So many benefits support that I feel centered and healthy when I am active in my yoga practice. My goals this summer included daily classes in yoga along with regular cardio and strength training. I was inspired by educators who use the #fitleaders hashtag. Educators need to focus on their health and fitness so that they are ready for the challenge of their vocation.
While I start back to full time at school in one short week, many teachers still have time to implement a sleepyogation. I hope you have a gloriously safe location like Blue Yoga to practice.


District Director of Professional development, AP English teacher, ELA Coach, TPN Teacher Leader, and cradle United Methodist.


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