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Sleepyogation This summer, I have dedicated myself to my sleepyogation. I needed to accomplish three goals over the course of the summer including vacation, seven to eight hours of sleep each night and rededicating myself to my yoga practice. Sleepyogation was born! Educators earn a summer break away from students. Most educators continue to work throughout the summer, just not with classes of students. My two AP classes begin their year with two summer assignments requiring my attention. I spent most of June in professional development. What I didn’t want to do was spend thousands of dollars on a week or two of sand and surf. A week or two at the beach would not necessarily help me accomplish my three goals. A sleepyogation could. Research shows that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every day. The interesting thing is that any more or any less sleep can actually lead to negative consequences such as elevated risk for disease, obesity, memory loss, and even early death. I nee…