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Reflecting on Our Impact

Reflecting on Our Impact As a secondary teacher, I don’t think it is very common for teachers to truly reflect on all the lives impacted. Teacher2Teacher shared the tool to create this graphic based on an idea by Nikki Sabiston. Perhaps we should also use a tool to hear what the students say our impact has been? It is easy to put a number to the grade taught, classrooms, and schools. The actual number of students taught becomes a bit murkier for secondary teachers. Schedule changes from 50-minute classes to block classes shifted the number of students we teach. Also, in our mobile society, students often move from school to school and state to state throughout the school year. I was blessed to teach first grade in Hawaii. We moved back to the mainland in 1991, and I began to substitute and volunteer in schools while our boys were young. After a move to Arkansas, I earned an M.Ed in Secondary Education, and I was able to teach at the same school my sons attended for their secondary ye…