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Time and Patience -Key to Relationships

Time and Patience -Key to Relationships Time and patience are desired by many. Time to accomplish dreams and patience to wait for the fruition of dreams. Spring Break 2017 provided me the opportunity to reflect on the importance of not only time but also patience. Both are required to develop meaningful relationships. Many Edu Gladiators are espousing that relationships are critical to learning. What they tend to leave out is that the path to building significant relationships is messy. Time and patience are required. A relationship is not built on one sticky note to a student or one fist bump in the hallway. Relationships are built on trust developed over time. The much lauded Simon Sinek @simonsinek spoke this fall about the challenge of working with millennials and the importance of time. Specifically, he spoke about what is needed to develop deep, meaningful relationships. Sinek spoke passionately about the need to help our millennials learn how to become successful human beings.…

When White Privilege Rears Its Ugly Head

When White Privilege Rears Its Ugly Head Last week, I had the privilege to attend and present at the 2017 ADE Reading Conference. When I arrived to pick up my name tag, it did not exist. I was told that I was a presenter, but was not registered for the conference. Since they were scanning the name tags for attendance details at each keynote and breakout session, I was constantly aware that I was missing my name tag. Each session, I slid past the ADE staff scanning the name tags. I felt guilty, yet I had was doing exactly what I was advised to do. I was never questioned. Why? My white privilege. Teachers are largely white and female. I looked like I belonged. No questions asked. Why is this a problem? I focused on a name tag that I didn’t even need. My Turkish friends also have name tags. Due to their religious affiliations, they are labeled by the current Turkish regime as terrorists. I am not claiming to know the truth about Turkish affairs. I can merely state what I know. I’ve witn…

myONreader for Engaged Readers

Our school began to use myONreader this semester. Our desire was to put more books in the hands of our youngest students. We know that reading is simply critical to life success. We began with K-5 and then quickly added our middle school students and Special Education high school students. Yes, we have a school library. Yes, we have classroom libraries. We intended to meet our students where they live. Let me be honest, our students live on computers, tablets, and phones.

myON Reader is a "Literacy Ecosystem that is built upon five pillars: Personalization, Unparalleled Content, Unlimited Access, Collaboration, and Success." Now, our students have 24/7 access to over 13,000 books that they can self-select, annotate, read, and review by interest and Lexile levels.

     So what has our experience been? Simple! Our students are reading more than ever! In two months, since beginning our use of myON, our 660 students have read a total of 15, 797 books for an average of 23 book…