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The Struggle-when personal politics do not mesh with school politics

The Struggle is Real!
When personal politics do not mesh with workplace politics.

As a charter school teacher this election opened doors for school choice. This in my school mind is a beautiful thing. Allowing parents to choose the best option for their child is ideal (School choice includes private, online, homeschool, charter, magnet, and traditional schools) My personal struggle comes when my personal politics do not mesh with the politics best for my school. I know that staying civil is the key to success in personal relationships. But, shouldn't we be able to talk about the issues rationally if we are educators forming minds of little people?  What does research say about best practices in this situation?

Last February, Stephen Antczak contributed a piece for Forbes, Next Avenue that reviewed the literature on the subject.  The truth, as seen in our current political environment, can be painful to receive.  Political scientists Shanto Iyengar of Stanford University and Sean …