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Home / Teacher Leaders / Teacher Leader Spotlight on Suzanne Rogers Teacher Leader Spotlight on Suzanne RogersOctober 13, 2016 Meet educator Suzanne Rogers, who plays many roles as AP English teacher, English language arts coach, and Director of Professional Development at LISA Academy, a charter school system based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Suzanne is also a teacher leader for Arkansas Public School Resource Center, which participates in the Teacher Practice Networks (TPN), and an educator influencer in Common Core and technology. This week, the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning asked Suzanne to share with the TPN her strategies and tips for building a presence on social media and leveraging it to share Common Core-aligned instructional resources with other teachers. SuzanneI’m honored by your request! Thank you. I will happily share my experiences, though I am certainly not an expert. The Center How have you gained such a large social media following of 3,280 (as of Octob…

Stop Bias: Political Bias Can Lead to Misunderstanding

Political bias can lead to misunderstanding

Recently, a parent sent a politically oriented vitriolic email to one of my novice teachers regarding a field trip to "Conversations with Anne" at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library. I attended the field trip and did notice that during the field trip presentation, Steven Goldstein, Executive Director of The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, brought political rhetoric into the presentation. One of our students misunderstood comments made by Goldstein. Goldstein mentioned that President Franklin D. Roosevelt made decisions that adversely impacted the fate of Jews trying to escape the Nazi regime. Goldstein also related current political events and decisions that could change the fate of the world. The student reported to his parents that the field trip involved "making a murderous b... look like a saint." (Parent sent a less vitriolic email less than a minute later)

My first reaction was dismay. My novic…