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Stop Bias: Use a Panorama survey for Back to School connections

Now, we all realize that we come to school with our personal bias baggage. What can we do?
We can get to know the students we have in our classes. Panorama has graciously created a survey freely available to all teachers based on the research by Hunter Gelbach and Carly Robinson.

The study, Creating Birds of a Feather: The Potential of Similarity to Connect Teachers and Students," was published this week by the American Enterprise Institute. In it, Gehlbach, an associate education professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Robinson, a doctoral student at Harvard University, explore possible solutions to the teacher-student diversity gap. Their intervention was simply to show teachers things they had in common with each student.
The surprising results reflected black and Latino students' course grades improved significantly, closing the usual racial gap in grades by about 65 percent.
I routinely create a similar survey for my students. The difference is the…