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Gender Bias-Stop Bias. Spot it. Talk about it. Open Your Mind. Prevent it.

Gender Bias-Stop Bias.  Spot it. Talk about it. Open Your Mind. Prevent it.
Imagine my surprise when a mentor suggested that I had a gender bias! My mentor gently showed me the chart she had made while she observed my class. I apparently chose male students over female students during a cold call series of questions. I have two brothers and two sons. I typically played with more boys than girls growing up. It was not until college and joined a sorority that I spent large blocks of time with girls. My name is Suzanne, and I have a gender bias.  My mentor suggested that I find a system for randomly picking students as I worked through my bias.

My first thought was to verify my gender bias through retaking the Implicit Association Tests that I took in a psychology course in college. The test reveals that I have a strong association with Male and Career and Female with family. Is that wrong? No. Being aware of my biases is good. As a high school teacher, I need to be very careful. I do won…

STOP Bias Spot it. Talk about it. Open your mind. Prevent it.

As teacher leaders, we need to realize that we come with our own bias baggage. It is important that we own our bias and our privilege.  As a white woman from a college educated family, I admit that I have white privilege. I'll also admit that I wasn't always aware of my bias. I clearly remember being shocked at a summer camp when a counselor suggested that I shouldn't become friendly with another camper due to his race. After the horrific events of this summer, I decided to compile a list of resources for my school's professional development Google folder and begin a blog series on the topic of bias in the school setting.

Bias Resources

I had a lovely conversation with one of our graduates, Jeremy Taylor, @2014Jeremy, who currently attends Pomona College. Jeremy and his fellow students worked with the Pomona College administration to address diversity and bias at Pomona. Our conversation went fairly deep into the various types of diversity issues faced on college campu…