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SEL Social and Emotional Learning results

As an educator, I am interested in the whole child represented by each of my students.  Educators realize the connection between social and emotional learning and academic outcomes. The Every Student Succeeds Act expresses an interest in SEL, Social and Emotional Learning.  Last week, I   created Google Forms for my students to anonymously complete two SEL surveys using SEL measures from @PanoramaEd adapted from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  I share the results with the hope that other like-minded teachers will begin to collaborate to discuss best practices that combine SEL for better academic outcomes.

      When looking at the results, I will keep in mind the caveat expressed by  Jonathan E. Martin, @JonathanEMartin,      
 "Respondents to such surveys often inflate their own skills to provide more socially desirable answers and suffer from “reference bias,” which is to say there is no consistent comparative set for different responders as they self-evaluate…

Hello Summer-Balancing the various needs of our students

Our schools have six more days of school. Summer does not excite me as our school is a haven for students for many reasons.  As a teacher, I do not relish the approaching summer. I do not countdown the days. I, however, do look forward to the regenerative effects of a brief vacation for students and teachers. As parents, we would never post the number of days on our refrigerators until we were free of our children for a parents-only vacation. Imagine how that would make our children feel. I, often feel the same way about teachers posting a summer countdown on the board.

     Keeping in mind that summer can be problematic for students, I  create a summer environment where students can continue to communicate with their peers about school work. Why?  As an educator, I am aware of the summer slump. My AP students must continue to read and write over the summer. I create @Google classrooms for my AP Lit and AP Lang fall classes. We will read, write, and discuss during the summer mo…