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The Week before the AP Test

AP Testing begins next week. My AP English students typically have between four and six AP courses. Our weeks leading up to the actual AP Exam are filled with some review, planning, and relaxation. I don't feel it is in the students' best interest to put undue pressure on them at this point.  If they have worked on their writing craft for the three essays and honed their APMC skills, they will be ready for the test.

So, what do I specifically do?  
One day to review each of the essay types and plan essays for multiple prompts. (My favorite days included Speed Dating argument prompts.)
Continue daily APMC for bell work
Quizlet LIVE for literary and rhetorical terms practice
One day to read for pleasure
One day for Goodie bags

Best wishes to all the AP students! Remember to SLEEP/HYDRATE/BREATHE


AP Argument Essay Review
AP Argument Prompts
AP Rhetorical Analysis Review
AP Argument Prompt
AP Synthesis Review
AP Synthesis Prompts
AP Language Quizlet Review

AP Literature Quizlet se…

Parental Involvement even at Prom!

Parental Involvement Even at Prom!

    Today, I helped set up and chaperone for @LISANLR's Prom #Cityscapes2016. While this campus's high school is tiny, two classes per grade level with less than 25 in each class, the parental involvement is great. One teacher, one admin, and about ten parents were involved in planning and celebrating Prom 2016. Shocking, right? This group of parents deserves a huge shout out for their efforts to bring their students to their junior and senior year. 3 of 5 of my AP Lit parents are actively involved at school, and the Dads are also Watch D.O.G.  dads.

How do we encourage and facilitate this level of parental involvement? As a K-12 school, parents are invited to pitch in and sign up to volunteer based on their skills and desires. When the spirit of volunteerism is the expectation, it becomes part of the school culture. Impactful parental engagement in a small K-12 school is only one of many positive outcomes. Most importantly, our parents mu…

Inaugural Poetry Night

Inaugural Poetry Night at LISA North
April 5, 2016

As we approach our first Poetry Night, hearts are fluttering.   Our students are nervous to present their poetry, and out teachers are nervous about attendance. Since it is our first attempt to showcase our student's work, we  have also set up a LISA North Poetry Channel on Youtube so that the students and parents and view our students' efforts.

We will continue to add to our poetry channel each year.
LISA North Poetry Channel