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Arkansas STEM Festival 2016

February 26, 2016
What have YOU done lately? Today, I  attended the 2nd Annual @arSTEMFestival on the @UALR campus. It was a thrilling opportunity for students shine. Students from schools across Arkansas competed in the Arkansas STEM festival. The students enthusiasm for their projects was contagious.
As an ELA teacher, I think often about the power of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. The Arkansas STEM Festival encourages and expects students to apply critical thinking to the power of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Each HS student at LISA Academy completed a Science PBL (Problem/Project Based Learning) this year. Their projects at the festival were the result of roughly six months of attentive work in Science, English, and Social Studies. The Festival allows the students to showcase their knowledge with an authentic audience. They present, listen to questions, respond to the questions, and discuss their knowledge of the science behind their project.
The VIP lis…

AP LIT Digital Learning Day

AP LIT Digital Learning Day

On Wednesday, my Advanced Placement students did something unthinkable until that day!
What do you ask?  My students were able to use their cell phones in class to participate in a Twitter chat. Now before you get too excited, please realize that this was a carefully aligned and planned event for just for AP Lit students.  Students and teachers interacted pleasantly, analyzed poetry carefully and learned important lessons about social media.  Students across the nation participated in #aplitdld throughout the day.

Matt Brown @ibMrB and Susan Barber @susanclaireb developed and facilitated the #aplitdld Twitter chat.  They chose the AP level poem "An Echo Sonnet" and developed the timeline of analysis questions to engage AP English students in the text during the Twitter chat. You can view both the poem and the questions in the Google doc below.

You can view the pro…


Why do we love? It is that magical time of year. It is February, and both of my AP classes are reading, writing, and discussing various types relationships. AP Language is working on the Synthesis question and incorporating relationship readings, blogging about their path to college, and interviewing various couples about relationship issues. AP Literature is reading about Love and Relationships. The question remains. Why do we love?

My AP Literature students are analyzing a poem of their own choosing on the theme of love and they are also writing a poetic response to either Andrew Marvel's "To My Coy Mistress" or Annie Finch's poetic reply "Coy Mistress."  I am looking forward to reading the work generated this week. Love is so often not explained. Our students grow up seeing various forms of love modeled, but not defined. It can be such a discombobulating experience for them. Asking my students to reflect and write about relationships engages and enables…