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Teacher Practice Network

Recently, I applied for and was selected to be in what Barbara Hunter Cox of APSRC terms the "first cadre of Teacher Leaders representing Arkansas in the Gates’ Teacher Practice Networks." This opportunity to grow as a Teacher Leader is intended to inspire the cadre to "use our collective power to improve education in Arkansas" according to Cox. 

I am grateful to Barbara Hunter Cox and Teresa Chance for providing my invitation to the @APSRC Teacher Practice Network, TPN. These women are movers and shakers in education in Arkansas. They have received numerous Gates Education grants to help sustain the work of @APSRC which provides educational support and technical assistance to schools in Arkansas.
My colleague Jessica Wright and other APSRC identified Teacher Leaders designed and ran the first #ECET2AR conference. #ECET2 intended to harness the power of teacher leaders to deepen learning and improve the teaching practice to better serve students. The process to apply…

Anticipation of "The Great Thanksgiving Listen"


So many of our holidays are best enjoyed in anticipation. The day or moment of the holiday is rarely as wonderful as the anticipation. This year it changes. I am currently enjoying the anticipation of my students and my own participation in @StoryCorps The Great Thanksgiving Listen. 

We all know the importance of history. We all know the wise words of Elie Wiesel:  “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”   The Great Thanksgiving Listen is inspiring the younger generation (sometimes for a grade) to interview, record, and publish the stories of those around us. @StoryCorps is, "the largest single collection of human voices ever gathered.  Recordings are archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress so that future generation can hear the stories-and the voices-of today." @GoogleforEdu has provided an excellent Common Core aligned template for using @StoryCorps.
I am happily anticipating interviewing my parents with their cho…

Being Reinvigorated

The Arkansas Curriculum Conference is an opportunity for teachers reinvigorate and again find their spark for teaching. My colleagues and I chose to attend many sessions together.

We all very much enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with author Zetta Elliot @zettaelliot  through 3 different sessions. We used her Sankofa postcard ideas to write postcards to veterans for Veterans Day the next week.  We blended the idea of reaching for the veterans and remembering so that we never forget their service.

Also, our ELA department is working to build our classroom libraries to more closely mirror our student body. Zetta Elliot spoke from personal experience about the lack of reading material with characters that looked like she did. We want our students to feel that they are reflected in the books they read. She spoke about the positive experience of self-publishing. Which led me to finally attend a session about the National Writing Project.

Another session that I attended was for the Na…