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Summer Blossoms of Blessings

'But listen to me. For one moment quit being sad. Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you.' ~ Rumi

Summer is supposed to be a glorious time for teachers. For me, however, it is often a time to catch up on so many things that I ignore during the school year.  It is a bittersweet time. Time to miss the connection that was created with students. But, it is also a time to envision  new relationships with new students and teachers. Ultimately, summer is a time for reflection.

First, I read the poet Rumi's quote in the introduction to Red Glass by @LauraResau.  Summer provides many blessings.  Red Glass is one of our summer reading choices for Middle School at LISA North.
Our reading list,, provides diverse options. This diverse list was suggested primarily by @akunce05  who will be one of our passionate ELA teachers this year at LISA North.

Next, as I begin to count the blossoms of blessings around me, I am thankful for the extended time to spend with my college cubs, my parents, and, of course, our lab Pewter. I'm thankful for the time to play in the kitchen with new recipes. I'm thankful for the time to spend a week learning new approaches for my AP students. I'm thankful for the Arkansas sauna heat so that I might better enjoy sitting in waiting rooms for car issues and for the time to read all 20 books on our summer reading list.

Finally, I am thankful simply for the time to reflect on  the blossoms of my many blessings. For those colleagues who remind me each week to go home and relax, I am counting each of you as a blessing and am finally taking your advice.


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Summer is a great time for teachers to work with #edtech tools. Two free Edtech tools that I'm working with this summer include TED-Ed and RECAP. Both of these tools can help a teacher flip his or her classroom. I've found that videos and screencasts are helpful to my students. Why?

1. Visual learners benefit from a visual explanation in addition to a handout

2. Students who have been absent can more easily regain what they missed

3. Students can replay the video and not be embarrassed

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As an instructional leader, I am perpetually looking for knowledge to inspire, to teach, and to broaden my current perspective. I am also personally interested in the quiet work of The Elders.  Many teachers are interested in social justice.  As our public school populations continue to shift, it is imperative that we understand our students' backgrounds and the walls of prejudice they face daily.  Chair of the Elders, Kofi Annan's statement on leadership is fourfold. These three points can guide current and future #teacherleaders

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