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#notatiste again

June 27, 2015

I am #notatiste again in 2015!  I love that our Twitter and Google+ communities come together to support each other as they survive another ISTE event at home. Follow  @Jennifer Wagner and @ and +Craig Yen for fun inclusive activities for those in our PLN who are #notatiste.  There are even prizes from vendors!  JOIN THE FUN!

 Today, I planned to walk my lab, Pewter, around my lovely, home city crossing the river several times. A plot twist happened and we were blocked from crossing the Broadway bridge as pedestrians. So, we turned around and walked through a park.  My Tweets below show what we did next all because we were happy to be #notatiste.  All of this reminds me of +Arianna Huffington 's post. I am happy to be at home during ISTE2015!

5 hours ago LIVE on : When in doubt swimPmLJ

A plot twist led to seeing walking into courthouse for his…

Summer Blossoms of Blessings

Summer is supposed to be a glorious time for teachers. For me, however, it is often a time to catch up on so many things that I ignore during the school year.  It is a bittersweet time. Time to miss the connection that was created with students. But, it is also a time to envision  new relationships with new students and teachers. Ultimately, summer is a time for reflection.

First, I read the poet Rumi's quote in the introduction to Red Glass by @LauraResau.  Summer provides many blessings.  Red Glass is one of our summer reading choices for Middle School at LISA North.
Our reading list,, provides diverse options. This diverse list was suggested primarily by @akunce05  who will be one of our passionate ELA teachers this year at LISA North.

Next, as I begin to count the blossoms of blessings around me, I am thankful for the extended time to spend with my college cubs, my parents, and, of course, our lab Pewter. I'm thankful for the time to pla…