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November 2, 1014
Each fall our school begins the traditional Saturday Math and ELA camps. These camps are fun-filled opportunities to remediate our students based on their state benchmark scores, their NWEA MAP scores, or teacher recommendation. Just like Snoopy in the image above, our students grab their backpacks and head to school on Saturday.
So, you might ask, how fun are these camps?  Our teachers joyfully create rigorous yet fun learning opportunities. Each student cycles through a set of classrooms based on Common Core standards. Technology is used in the classroom with Chromebooks and Computer labs. The school provides a fun pizza and soda lunch and a short recess time. At the end of the day, our students review the skills they have learned  through short competitions and are assessed on their new knowledge. This year we are using Edmodo Snapshot to quickly assess our students.  It is easy to use and provides easy to view visual data. We are able to see three areas to remedi…