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Are Educators "Too Blessed to be Stressed?"

There is a meme, "Too Blessed to be Stressed."  While in theory this  meme sounds truthful and reasonable, it seems to suggest that is is wrong to feel stressed.  I do have a flush toilet and a warm bed. I do have a family that loves me and a profession that I enjoy.  I also experience a variety of stressors on a daily basis.

Stressors are part of life. Every type of employment, or family situation has stressors. Psychology Today defines stress as an "omnipresent part of life."  What I can control is my reaction to stressors. With all the demands and changes in the educational world, it is vitally important that educators remember to attempt to balance their lives and their reactions to stress. David Hayes and James Eddy (1985) explain that "While some stressors can be avoided and others need to be confronted, in the end, a good balance of stress in one's life can be healthy, and growth promoting in terms of one's physical, social, emotional, and inte…