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Puppies and students profit from patience, persistence, and proximity

June 26th

Summer has finally arrived and  I am enjoying some quality family time.  This summer, my college son insisted that we procure a new puppy for our family.  (Enter Pewter stage left)  Puppies and students profit from patience, persistence and proximity.

Pewter is our precious Silver Labrador Retriever.  Puppy with  capitol P and all that it entails.
After a month of working with Pewter 3 words guide our actions:  patience, persistence, and proximity.  It occurs to me that our students deserve and teachers must employ all three actions for proper classroom management and academic achievement.  Author Paulo Coehlo, +Paulo Coelho  @PauloCoehlo asserts, “Why is patience so important? Because it makes us pay attention.”  Our students need our apt attention. We need to be able to observe behavior and make minute adjustments to our behavior and their assignments. Patience is a virtue for teachers and parents of puppies and it requires persistence.

 Persistence with puppies requires t…