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School Diversity and Family Atmosphere

May 10, 2014

School diversity and a family atmosphere propel LISA Academy students through rigorous academics to success. There, I've said it.  I don't often speak directly about our school through this blog.  Educators often feel gun-shy about writing from a personal standpoint about their school.  We shouldn't, if we have good things to say! Our stakeholders believe in the ability of our school's interwoven triad to support the student in academic rigor.

This year is our 10th Anniversary. In preparation for our gala at Robinson Center, we commissioned Bespoke Video production company to create a video for the gala.  During the interview and taping for the video, faculty, parents and students spoke freely about the diversity of students and staff, and the family atmosphere.  Over 12 hours of video went into the final editing process to create a 7-9 minute video.  The reiteration of rigor, family and diversity was profound.

Friday evening our seniors and their parents gathered for a LISA style senior banquet (small, family friendly-always with delicious diverse foods.) After the requisite awards  ceremony, our parents and students were encouraged to share their thoughts about LISA. Each person was moved to tears as they spoke about their school.  These impromptu remarks echoed the video interviews.  Students and parents spoke about the rigor supported by the LISA family.

The all important interwoven triad of parent/student/teacher supports our students. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes the triad to support a student through school. Our triad is unique in that it is supported by a strong communication system that combines our database, email, text, phone calls, snail mail, handouts and face to face conversations.  Learning and growing in a supportive diverse environment prepares students for the rigors of a diverse world. I'm happy to say that our stakeholders believe in the power of this interwoven triad- to the point of grateful tears.

While Graduation season is always touching, our school system works around the clock, through weekends and holidays to ensure that this interwoven triad supports the students through the academic rigor to success.

Suzanne M. Rogers, M.Ed


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