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Lighting the Flame: Embrace change

Education Reform-embrace change

It is curious to me that those individuals most seeking education reform are also those most resistant to change. Pundits spout the importance of change, but when change is actually enacted they
blog away about the importance of saving public schools as we know them. It simply cannot be both.

Teachers and those who teach teachers have three choices.
1.  Embrace the change
2.  Writhe in agony
3.   Quit

I am reminded of the quote by Arthur Burt.  "Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change." Change is difficult, yet it is continual.  Fredrick Douglas said, "If there is no struggle, there is no progress."

One of my colleagues, +Jessica Wright @jessicampitts latest blog
Healthy Teacher, Happy Teacher: Loveis about LOVE. Teachers need to
use social media to empower our profession.  Embrace the change! Blog about the great things going on in education! Tweet about the great moments in your classroom. …

School Diversity and Family Atmosphere

May 10, 2014

School diversity and a family atmosphere propel LISA Academy students through rigorous academics to success. There, I've said it.  I don't often speak directly about our school through this blog.  Educators often feel gun-shy about writing from a personal standpoint about their school.  We shouldn't, if we have good things to say! Our stakeholders believe in the ability of our school's interwoven triad to support the student in academic rigor.

This year is our 10th Anniversary. In preparation for our gala at Robinson Center, we commissioned Bespoke Video production company to create a video for the gala.  During the interview and taping for the video, faculty, parents and students spoke freely about the diversity of students and staff, and the family atmosphere.  Over 12 hours of video went into the final editing process to create a 7-9 minute video.  The reiteration of rigor, family and diversity was profound.

Friday evening our seniors and their parents …